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Bomb Cosmetics

Bomb Cosmetics have just entered the chat and we can’t wait for you to see all that’s in store. What makes them so different you ask? The power of essential oils. These little gifts from Mother Nature are found in each and every one of their products and are extracted from plants, flowers and fruit. They have the power to soothe the soul and are full of magic to heighten, change or enhance your mood. Shea butter, cocoa butter, argan oil and avocado oil are just a few of the ingredients they love. All of their products are lovingly handmade by their gorgeous crafters that ensure that each and every product is unique, but ultimately perfect in its own little way. Do they test on animals? Ew, as if. Vegan Friendly? Uh-huh, honey. Seriously though, they NEVER have and NEVER will test any of their finished products or ingredients on animals and all of their soaps and bath blasters are suitable for vegans, they believe that neither animals, humans or the environment should suffer for their luxuries.