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Life happens and whether it’s stress, hormones, or just bad luck, acne always seems to pop up when you have plans. Absorbzit is helping you on the journey back to clear skin and your most-confident self. They have developed a magic sticker that is taking care of it all and handing you control back over your skin. These handy little patches use natural techniques infused with acne-hating ingredients to reduce local inflammation and absorb any damaging excess oils causing those acne spots. With both every day and overnight patches there is always a time for fighting anything that decides to pop up. So, if its immediate help you need, their everyday stickers have their thinnest design yet, making them close to invisible whilst absorbing all the nastiness from the pimple. Or if you prefer an overnight miracle their all-night patches protect against those nighttime wiggles and reduce redness and the spot whilst you sleep. It’s fair to say that Absorbzit, has the remedy everyone needs to take control back over their skin whilst eliminating judgement surrounding acne and shame of using these magic stickers.